Talks & Workshops

Distributed Data-pipelines in Python

With ML being the new shiny object, No one really talks about the data pipelines that make the data consumable. Single streamlined data pipeline may sound cozy but no one want’s to sit through 10 hours for ingesting 2 million records, do you? Trust me you don’t. The solution? Distributed data pipelines.

Event :: Pycon Sweden

Introduction to MLOps

A walkthrough on how to consturuct a CI/CD pipeline for your Machine learning projects and deoply them in a containerized environment using Docker and Kuberenetes

Event :: DevFest India 2020

Becoming a Self-Made Developer

A live podcast style conversation Facebook Developer Circle Chennai with Facebook developer circle, sharing my journey into the software world.

Event :: Facebook Developer Circle

Introduction to Chatbots

Chatbots have found it's place of emerging technology 3 years back in this talk we will start with basics of chatbot and walkthrough how the technology evolved over the 3 year period

Event :: Womenwhocode Global

Multitenancy in Chatbots

Challenges in building a multi-tenant chatbot system

Event :: Rasa L3 AI Conference

Data Pipelines using Airflow on Kubernetes

Airflow is an opensource platform to create, schedule and monitor workflows. In this talk we will explore - What is airflow? - How to create data pipelines? - How to exploit kubernetes to achieve performance - Pros and cons of the approach

Event :: IWD India 2020

All About Chatbots

Everything you need to know about the technology behind chatbots

Event :: Global Azure Bootcamp

Getting Started With Open Source

How I made my first Open source contribution and how you could too

Event :: GDG DevFest Banglore

Stand Out as an Engineer

Why is it important to build complementary skills beyond coding and how to build them

Event ::