What do I do?

🔸 Backend Systems - Chatbots - Machine Learning 🔸 🔸 Ambassador - WomenTechMakers Chennai 🔸 🔸 Community Head - Build2Learn.in 🔸






The Path I Travelled.

  • October 2019 to Present

    Research Engineer @ Saama Technologies

  • May 2018 to Aug 2019

    Software Engineer @ Orangescape

  • Sep 2018 to Present

    Community Lead - WomenTechMakers

  • Jan 2018 to present

    Community Lead - Build2Learn

  • May 2016 to Apr 2018

    Product Developement Engineer @ Focus Infotech

  • Aug 2012 to Apr 2016

    Computer Science Engineering @ KCG College of technology

  • Aug 2016 - Apr 2018

    B.E CSE @ KCG College Of Technology


Things I have worked on, Learned and Experienced


Learning multiplies when you share what you know.

Stand Out as a Developer

Software devs are so common that to Stand out as a developer, coding is not enough. The talk shed light on the complementary skills that helps you to stand out in a developer crowd.

Software DeveloperSkill Development
Guvi Chennai
Aug 2019

Combat Unconsious Bias

Unconsious bias are ingrained in our everyday decisions. To create Acceptance, Awarness and Action on how to combat and bring more diversity in our teams

Global Diversity CFP Day : Chennai
Aug 2019

WomenInTech - Be the Outlier

The talk is used to orient and motivate women coding clubs across engineering colleges. It sheds light on what it is to be a womenintech how to have a successful career in the tech industry

Hindustan University, KCG, St.Joseph's
Aug 2019

ML Behind Chatbots

My quest to build a chatbot engine and what I understood by demystifying an opensource chatbot engine

PythonRasaNLUMachine LearningSklearnSpacy
Global Azure BootCamp
May 2019

DialogFlow & Free Text

When you build a todo chatbot, you can’t be sure what the user is going to type — a “free-text”. the talk covers the hacks to acheive it with Dialogflow

Womentechmakers IWD Chennai
Mar 2017

Chatbots 101 Worshop

A 3 hour workshop that walks you through 0 to 1 of building chatbot. We build an echo bot, google search bot then a draw bot incorportating NLP the workshop intensifies

PyConf Hyderabad