How I Wrote my 1st 100 Lines of Golang Code

Not a blog, just a log :)

Learning Golang was there on my bucket list for an year. With Python being so easy the inertia to pick up new language was relatively high. I'm not going to bore you with a paragraph of why Golang is awesome, because I don't know yet. I have heard people talk about it's performance but those are the avenues I am yet to explore.

Why Now?

If the sexy features of Golang didn't attract me then what did?

Well most of the credits goes to Corona, with nothing much to do on the outside world I tried art, poetry in fact some singing. Nothing seems to give me kick of programming hence "Learning Golang"


Why tour of go didn't work

Full disclaimer, I have tried Golang before, like every new programmer I made the same mistake, I went for the syntax. While tour of Go was a perfectly fine place to start, It bored me out. Coming from Python the types, structs and everything else Golang has was overwhelming and still is. Hence we need a different approach, A problem based approach

The Problem - Lytdt

Isn't it nice when you randomly land up at Facebook and it gives you posts from 6 years ago, totally embarrassing you :) That's what I am trying to create with Lytdt but for Twitter. Hence

Lytdt - Last Year This Day's Tweets.

The solution

A command line tool that will list my famous tweets from last year

So How Did I Learn/Built it?

No documentation, No tutorial, No resources. Just Google search.

I'm not kidding, The syntax is boring.

I had a problem and I wanted a solution and I wanted to build the solution using Golang.

Show me the Code

Here, I can go ahead and show pieces of code and explain what each piece does, that would become a tutorial and I'm not there yet.

Here are two options

  1. You can watch by youtube video series of how I built it
  2. You can checkout the code on my Github.

Got More Questions?

Write them to my twitter/email/linkedin.

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