Success(Survivor) Stories

Do you feel left out, unaccomplished, and depressed? You are not alone. Sometimes you know that. But it is hard to shake this feeling, isn't it?

Here's why?

The world is filled with stories of people who survived the odds and made it to the top. Five minutes on Linkedin and the feed will make you feel bad about all the certifications you haven't taken and jobs you haven't switched. Don't even get me started on Instagram.

But the new "Survivor" prespective helped me cope better with FOMO and made peace with social media.

When you talk to people about their road accident experience, Often times the story goes like "I have been driving at my slowest 20/30Km/hour". For a long time, I thought accidents tended to happen that way. The slower you drive the more you're prone to face an accident

It's not true. The reality is the ones who met with accidents driving at 90km/hour did not survive to share their story.

The one who made it to the top of the career ladder is not just the best in his skills but also survived any burnout they faced along the way.

The best marathon runners are the ones who are not injured during practice

It's not just about being good at what you do. You also have to be alive and healthy to reap its benefits.

In the book Psychology of Money, yesterday's chapter was Risk vs. Luck talks about Bill gates school friend who had all the capabilities to become Microsoft's cofounder but fate had other plans. He died in a mountaineering accident. One cannot weigh success without weighing Risk/Luck

Do you still feel left out, unaccomplished and depressed? You are not alone. This post's goal is not to give you the motivation or dopamine hit but to remind you that beyond this bad dark phase is a part of every success story, Unwritten, Untold.

All the success stories are also survivor stories.

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