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A Sneak Peak into my head

Why Motivation is not getting you anywhere  — Atomic habits.

Focus On the Start, Not the End.

Stand Your Ground. Once In a While.

Anger is my armor.

How to get better at Blogging?

The Ali Spittel way

Death By Meeting — A Book Reflection

I just finished reading this book called Death by meetings. I am officially announcing Patrick Lencioni as my favorite author. I also read…

Build Your 1st Python Web App With Flask

Step by Step tutorial to build your first web application with Python.

It’s Okay.

Sometimes it’s Ok to do things that are not Ok.

OrangeScape’s Famous Writer’s Workshop

Writers’ workshop started out as an experiment to bring out the voice of Orangescape Engineers.

Python Pandas In 5 Mins — Part 2

More use cases open up more functionalities

Goodbye my Good Old Friend

It is not what you think it is.

Planning to Switch Site From Html to Gatsby?

List of problems I faced when I built my portfolio with Gatsby and ReactJS

The Endless

Let's not love. Let's not hate.

What’s Wrong With Python Pandas?

Watch out for these problems, or raise issues and fix them!

Learning Python — The Pretty Devil

Common problems that beginners face while learning Python

My 2018 in 2018 Words

Sharing my 2018 moments with the world.

Unclassified Pain

Penning down the pain that people fear to talk about.

Driving Drives Productivity

Wondering what’s stopping you from accomplishing your tasks. This could be it.

One Of Those Days

One of those days, where you can’t afford to fall sick.

Click and Tap

A new age dance show

The Final Goodbye

Trust me this is not one of those cheesy love stories.


I’m happy. Don’t know why. But it is one of those modes where your brain wants to be just happy and do crazy stuff. I quickly figured out…

The Best Way To Learn Any Technology

How to crack programming languages within weeks.

Build2Learn Hacktoberfest Special Edition

Micro products to open source

The Dark Angel

“I have missed you so much,” I wanted to tell her. Letting everything go, I wanted to fall into her arms. But something stopped me, held…

Google WomenTechmakers Chennai — Sep 2018

A meetup where we connected, created and celebrated women in tech

One True Love

She is more than an addiction; She is love.

The Beauty of Hitting Rock Bottom

Hit rock bottom, You will find some Diamonds.

Guardian Angels are not Enough We need a Personal Bodyguard

Guardian angels keep us secure and make sure we are alright, it’s time that we need a personal bodyguard. Here’s why.

Shut In a Cage

Shut in a cage, Yet I am flying.

WorkLife — You Need Balance

An important factor of a career choice

6 Traits to Become a Better Developer

Developers’ deficiency

Before You Wear That Critique Hat

People judge. I was not an exception. We are culturally trained to comment on things that happen in front of us. My most common one is…

A Trained Extrovert

Importance of a mentor in your life

Intent Classification — Demystifying RasaNLU — Part 4

Internals of a chatbot engine — Intent Classification

Gyan From My First Trekking Experience

I went on a trek. Here are my thoughts on it.

A Feminist’s Enemy

From my personal experience

What Might Happen When We Automate All Our Work?

Have you ever imagined a world where things get done for you rather than having to do it yourself? You might be like, “I am already in a…

NLP Behind Chatbots — Demystifying RasaNLU — #2 — Serve

Deploying chatbot NLP model

Get Started With Python Pandas In 5 minutes

Tutorial walkthrough that gets you up and running with Python Pandas Library

Entity Extraction - Demistifying RasaNLU - Part 3

How does RasaNLU perform EntityExtraction?

Chatbots 101- Architecture & Terminologies

What is a Chatbot?

NLP Behind Chatbots - Demystifying RasaNLU - #1 - Training

NLP that drives chatbots

Empathy in Baby's Steps

Empathy would make you a better designer, developer more of all a better human being.

WTF did we do at the WTF Hackathon?

Women Tech Fab

Where do Outliers Live?

Are you an outlier? You are going to love this blog

ML Experiment & Epic Failure

I always love to write about my failed experiments so that people who experiment a lot will know that they are not alone. This blog is one…